Come and join Allan for an inspiring event on "An Inconvenient Truth about Health". You will be revealed powerful knowledge - you are absolutely going to be blown away by the truth "bombs" Allan plans to reveal. Allan will welcome you to try one of his recipes; a simple, tasty and healthy potato meal for you to enjoy at the start. Throughout this hour long event you will gain: Empowerment on how you can take responsibliity for your own health An understanding of what compassion and kindness means to Allan, and how Allan feels we can live in a more peaceful world A view of the broader picture of things, which will open your eyes no doubt Understanding of the false information and misleading marketing of products which our society considers are healthy and necessary for good health, which Read more →
7:00pm Monday 18 January 2016
Epping Leisure and Learning Centre, Epping, NSW (map)

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