Call to all vegans! 'Today I Am Voiceless' is an annual day of vegan activism that vegans all around the world are invited to participate in. Activists will unite in taking a 24hr VOW OF SILENCE to raise awareness for animals and promote peace over violence! WHY? TIAV is created by James Aspey of Voiceless365, who took a 365 day vow of silence as he travelled around the nation to promote the abolition of animal exploitation. "I assumed the only way I'd be able to discuss veganism during my vow would be online. I soon realised me being voiceless was sparking more discussion about veganism than ever before! Wherever I went, every person asked the same question, "Why are you voiceless?" This presented the perfect opportunity for me to explain veganism using different, creative ways. The vow Read more →
Sunday 17 January 2016
Pitt Street Mall, Sydney, NSW (map)

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