Welcome to the 2016 Vegan Chalk Challenge! The response so far has been tremendous. Vegans and even non-vegans love seeing positive, peaceful messages in public spaces. Imagine what we could accomplish if vegans around the world started invading public spaces with messages of hope, love, empathy, kindness, respect and compassion? So, here's my challenge to every single vegan in the whole entire world... 1. Invite *all* your vegan friends to join us through this event page. If you're slighty tech-savvy, you can use this java script to invite everyone at once without having to click through your entire friend list. Saves a lot of time. 2. Buy a box of chalk and leave a peaceful, positive message in a public space. Greenways, city sidewalks and parks are all perfect. If you're nervous, start Read more →
Saturday 16 January 2016

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