A few of us were talking about doing a massive NYE ride, starting late morning and finishing at midnight. The plan is to ride around all day, doing a mixture of flat coastal riding and hills riding. We will finish up by riding to Mt. Lofty by midnight to watch the fireworks across the whole of Adelaide. For some of us, this will also be a good way to finish the Festive 500 challenge on Strava and racking up some extra km's to finish the month and year. For those who can't do the whole ride, feel free to join us at anytime of the day. I can't guarantee our whereabouts, so you would probably have to message us on the day to find out. This will be a fairly casual ride - mainly for a bit of fun and comradie, so don't feel like you won't be able to 'keep up'. I'm not sure what the forecast is Read more →
10:00am Thursday 31 December 2015
Adelaide, SA (map)

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