It's the end-of-year rooftop extravaganza! Join us for the traditional end-of-year Vegan Catchup in the beautiful rooftop bar at the Fox Hotel. The Vegan Catchup is a monthly get-together for vegans, their friends and family from all around Melbourne and beyond. Everyone is very welcome, and if you are attending your first catchup, you are especially welcome. The Fox has a wonderful array of vegan entrees, mains and desserts. Also, the kitchen will be offering even more vegan specials on the day, including two vegan desserts. Festivities commence at 5pm, but arrive at any time and head straight to the rooftop bar. Our cause of the month will be Animals Syria, which is doing great work in treating and relocating animals left behind in this terrible conflict. Let's end the year with good Read more →
5:00pm Sunday 20 December 2015
The Fox Hotel, Collingwood, VIC (map)

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