I know Christmas can be a difficult time for many. It is no lie that it has become a very materialistic and over consumeristic time of year, which causes great threat to our way of thinking, our environment, animals and our own health. Plastic is an issue that we so desperately need to address, as it has reached our oceans and therefore, is now apart of our food chain. We are literally eating toxic plastic particles! Our wildlife is also suffering. Birds and sealife have stomachs filled with plastic. It doesn't have to be this way! I also acknolwedge that some of us do not have a very loving family environment - or a family at all - and so this time of year can be a very lonely and painful experience. I propose, regardless of your current stance or situation, that we have a plastic free & Read more →
11:30am Sunday 20 December 2015
Adelaide Botanic Garden, Adelaide, SA (map)

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