Join Clare and I for the second RAW Food Masterclass in our new permanent home at GoVegan Deli. Our classes are very informative and lots of fun. Many of our guests work in the holistic health industry and many more are committed to improving their health by eating more plant based proteins. I take an integrative approach to health and share my own life-changing experience of going from an overweight, sick and depressed middle-aged man to a vibrant, trim and extremely healthy 62yr old who lost 24kg after fixing my digestive problems and learning to feed my body properly. A spring menu will include seasonal fruits and veggies grown here on our doorstep and will give you some great ideas for the oncoming summer. Join Clare and I in sunny Noosaville and learn what we eat on a regular basis Read more →
10:30am Saturday 12 December 2015
GoVegan Deli, Noosaville, QLD (map)

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