In this 2-hour TRYIT workshop, we'll introduce you to the methods developed to grow, treat and manufacture Kombucha pellicle. Not only will you prepare a viable culture of Kombucha, you'll also take a sample home for further experimentation, using the recipes and know-how you'll pickup in the workshop. That's step one and two complete: Grow and prepare. Now, it's time to make! We'll walk you through our methodologies for post-harvest treatments of wet and dried pellicle (including moulding, drying, dyeing, sewing and gluing). And then, using prepared material and a simple pattern, you'll cut and make a sample shoe to take home. GENERAL INFO. If this workshop is booked out, you can subscribe to the Weekly Scoop for last minute course availability. Courses and workshops at The Edge are Read more →
2:00pm Saturday 5 December 2015
The Edge, South Brisbane, QLD (map)

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