Do you find yourself asking is there more to life than this? Are you feeling burnt out, stressed out or unhappy in one or more areas of your life? Do you put everyone else's needs ahead of your own? Is there very little left in the tank at the end of the day? If you answered YES to any of the questions above then come along to the Love to Live workshop for a nurturing afternoon of mindfulness, self-discovery and transformation. In this two hour workshop you will learn practical strategies to support a practice of self-love and begin to unlock the key to happiness. Together, we will debunk myths around the term self-love, workshop self-limiting beliefs, and brainstorm ways to better nurture yourself. There will be meditation, 1:1 and group activities and a chance to connect with Read more →
1:00pm Sunday 29 November 2015
The Habitat Space, Malvern East, VIC (map)

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