This rally is going to be huge! It's a wonderful opportunity to reach non-vegans and help them make the connection. The Environmental people know we Vegans will be coming and we are welcome :). Are you a vegan who cares about the environment? This rally is a brilliant chance to speak up for the animals and help people make the connection. There will be 6 huge banners of different colours. People are being encouraged to march in solidarity behind a banner of their choice. There will be a GREEN banner about this aspect of the environment: "Our common home. If you want to speak for the species and ecosystems who don't get a voice, wear green and join us". So, come join with other Vegans! Wear a vegan T-shirt, and something green, and walk in solidarity behind the Green Banner. It would be Read more →
12:00pm Sunday 29 November 2015
Parliament House, Canberra, ACT (map)

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