Melbourne Chicken Save is teaming up with PETA's "I, Chicken" virtual reality tour for a rally in Bourke St Mall. For the last few weeks, PETA have been taking their innovative "I, Chicken" virtual reality experience to colleges in Australia, and the response has been wonderful. From campuses in Brisbane to universities in Sydney, hundreds of enthusiastic students have experienced some of what the more than half a billion chickens killed for their flesh in Australia each year will feel before being sent to the slaughterhouse. Last week, The Sydney Morning Herald reached countless more people with the message of empathy when it described "I, Chicken" and even put a segment of the programme on its website. All the people who have participated in the programme on this tour so far have Read more →
12:00pm Saturday 21 November 2015
Bourke Street Mall, Melbourne, VIC (map)

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