Every year in Australia between 3 and 5 million turkeys are killed for meat, the majority of which is consumed at Christmas time (though they suffer all year long!). The issues facing intensively farmed turkeys are much the same as with broiler chickens; they are denied their natural instincts whilst confined in heavily crowded sheds, living on sawdust covered in ammonia from their faeces and urine. These birds are fed a special diet to stimulate abnormally large growth until their joints are no longer able to support the weight of their bodies. Turkeys are artificially inseminated by the factory workers, an invasive and degrading violation of their bodily integrity. At about 10-12 weeks, these infant birds are trucked off for slaughter. Incidentally, the turkey meat found in most Read more →
8:00am Friday 20 November 2015
Wynyard Park, Sydney, NSW (map)

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