Hi friends :-) So far in 2015 we've held TWENTY free Vegan Education events in Sydney, allowing hundreds of people to receive important information and learn about the issues surrounding their choices. Our new series features the film COWSPIRACY, and we're expecting big crowds of people to attend, who are curious to explore the environmental implications of animal agriculture in relation to global warming. At SVC we call prospective vegans VIP's (vegans in progress). Its kind of appropriate, because people on the path to becoming vegan are very important to the animals and the planet and need support, guidance and inspiration! Come join us for the post-film mingle at our next event, and bring a plate of food to share, to show the VIPs' how yummy vegan food can be! At each of these events Read more →
8:30pm Monday 16 November 2015
Sydney Mechanics School of Arts, Sydney, NSW (map)

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