Hate horseracing but everyone you know will be watching the Melbourne Cup? Stuck at work or uni and can't get to one of the Not The Cup parties? Join AJP Youth's Virtual Not The Melbourne Cup party! Simply tell us or send us a photo of what you're doing instead and donate the $10-15 everyone else is spending on a glass of champagne and a sweepstake to the Animal Justice Party instead! We will spend the money on highlighting the cruelty involved in using animals in entertainment. Maybe you're enjoying the peace and quiet at work with a cup of tea whilst everyone else is watching the race that shames the nation. Maybe you're at home in your pyjamas for the day. Maybe you're excited to know that your animal loving friends are all out there somewhere, joining you in your virtual partying! Read more →
3:00pm Tuesday 3 November 2015
Wherever you are on 3rd November!, Everywhere

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