The livestock industry, governments and retailers say one thing but do another. Producers say they love their animals. Governments say that exemptions to the so-called "Prevention of Cruelty to Animals" legislation, in favour of producers, do not allow cruelty to occur. Retailers say their products are cruelty-free. All this when horrendous acts are permitted as standard practice, enshrined in the law. At the same time, legislators are seeking to hide the truth even more effectively by introducing new "ag-gag" laws targeting undercover investigators, whistleblowers and journalists. Please help us to inform the public by creating a strong presence with a peaceful rally in the heart of Melbourne's shopping district. People notice. They talk to us. They collect information. They tell their Read more →
12:00pm Saturday 31 October 2015
Bourke Street Mall, Melbourne, VIC (map)

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