When making new dietary lifestyle choices we need to be assured of the facts especially about healthy nutrition. In this session Dr Tseng will explain how to be healthy and fit on a plant-based diet. Some of the topics he will cover are: - The latest about soy products as replacement, and the GMO issue - How to get enough Vitamins B12, A & D and Omega 3s, protein and calcium in order to avoid the risks of vitamin or mineral deficiency - The advantages of being vegetarian/vegan Presenter: Dr Susianto Tseng (on a lecture tour from Indonesia) is a biochemist with a PhD degree in nutrition - his thesis was about tempeh as a source of vitamin B12. He is also the International President of the Vegetarian Union. He is the author of the Healthy Vegetarian Diet, Vegan Nutrition for Pregnancy, Read more →
7:00pm Wednesday 28 October 2015
Brahma Kumaris Fitzroy, Fitzroy, VIC (map)

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