As we wrap up the IVU World Veg Festival in Sydney, what better place to do this than the quaint Nourishing Quarter. A truly unique restaurant mixing Asian cuisine with ancient grains. The Broadsheet describes NQ as follows... "Affirmations litter the blackboard walls, knick-knacks line the fireplace mantelpiece and an old pink chintz is tucked into a table by the front window. Dwarfed by The Norfolk Hotel next door, Nourishing Quarter looks like an unassuming second-hand store from the street. Inside, it's a haven for healthy eaters." Click here to book With the addition to the Royal family, you won't find a place which appreciates the queen more than NQ. The celebrate the return of wholesome foods. Concrete Play Ground Describe NQ "It all started with a group of friends, a handful of Read more →
6:30pm Tuesday 27 October 2015
Nourishing Quarter, Redfern, NSW (map)

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