We will be delighted to have your company for this very special night. This is the opening night for the 43rd IVU World Veg Festival being held in Australia for the very first time. International Vegetarian Union is body of advocates who have encouraged plant based diet for over 100 years. Really, 100 years! Check them out at IVU.org Starting in 1908 in Germany, world citizens came together every 4 years to learn from and encourage the activities in each region. Since 2012, they realised it should be a celebration, and the IVU World Veg Festival was born. From the Amazon to Africa, we are entertaining over 40 delegates coming to Sydney at the premier Vegan dining experience that it Bodhi. We will have special VIP guests in Sydney too. Book your Tix HERE Bodhi - Established 25 years ago Read more →
6:30pm Friday 23 October 2015
Bodhi Restaurant and Bar, Sydney, NSW (map)

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