Believe it or not, many of the weeds that you walk past every day could & should be on your dinner plate, and what's more, they may even be better for you than what you are currently eating!! This workshop will teach you about the common weeds in this region of the word that are edible, nutritious and delicious. What you will get in this workshop: - What weeds are edible and what weeds aren't! - Nutritional data on each of the edible weeds - Get to taste the weeds before and after being turned into something incredibly delicious - Learn cultivation, harvesting & preparation techniques for each of the edible weeds. - Have a whole new set of exciting recipes Our "Grow your own" workshop series is designed to show you how you can be part of the new wave of health conscious, planet conscious Read more →
1:30pm Sunday 18 October 2015
Natures Harvest, Cottesloe, WA (map)

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