To continue to raise money for our organic food co-op I will be running a 1 day Meditation & Mindfulness workshop. This event is suitable for newcomers to meditation, as well as those who may want go deeper in their practise, or who may want guidance and assistance in maintaining a consistent meditation practise. Why Meditation? Meditation practice can help us awaken from the dream of the small separate self - from the illusion of being a self that is limited in time and space, somehow separate from the universe and other beings - and helps us to experience and come to know our boundless and free true nature. In this world there is a great deal of unnecessary angst, turmoil and suffering, and a lot of this suffering is unnecessary because it does not arise directly from our life Read more →
10:00am Sunday 18 October 2015
Black Lotus Yoga Studio, Newtown, NSW (map)

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