Hello There, My Husband and I have just moved to Cairns from Melbourne! I thought it would be fun to start something a little different and have a themed cuisine catch up every-so-often! Invite your vegan friends along!!! ****PLEASE only click attending if you ARE attending, select maybe if you are unsure thank you!!**** Lets have fun in the kitchen experimenting with ingredients and recipes we may not have otherwise played with! We can learn new skills and make something new and delicious at the same time! If you are interested in coming along, I am sure you will most likely look into different recipes beforehand, and so we don't all turn up with something like hummus, baba ghanouj or tabouli ;-) we should share our ideas and different websites with inspiring recipes on here! Remember Read more →
12:00pm Saturday 17 October 2015
Cairns, QLD (map)

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