War, poverty, collusion, corruption, environmental degradation, discrimination, failing health care, politics, corporate greed ... sometimes it all just seems too much to deal with. In a world that seems to be falling apart, how can we keep our chins up? The Zeitgeist Media Festival is a platform for artists, musicians, poets and film-makers to inspire, to rouse emotion, to connect. This year's theme is EMPOWERMENT. Let's get thinking about the possibility of a better world - focusing on peace, abundance, collaboration, a clean environment, positive technologies, improved health and nutrition, sharing and respect for all. Our goal is to build an artistic movement for a positive future. Artists have always been crucial for social change and so it is again now. After all, the founder of the Read more →
11:00am Saturday 17 October 2015
Rumpus Room, West End, QLD (map)

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