This yoga retreat, with vegan catering by Lushious, will be led by experience teacher Helen Laird, who uses a variation of Hatha Yoga. Complete bliss. No pretzel shapes, no stretching til you cry, no sweating till you fall over. Much more peaceful stuff: body awareness, stretching, balance and breath. Expect to develop core strength and become energised. Definitely suitable for all practitioners - beginners to more experienced. All Bodies are welcome. Also - if you have a certain injury or particular challenge, that is fine. Helen is used to working with all kinds of people with all kinds of needs. You will find a safe and comfortable experience here. Helen will be available before and after class to answer questions, provide guidance and discuss your personal practice. Plus, you Read more →
Friday 9 October to Sunday 11 October 2015
Kanimbla View Clifftop Retreat, Blackheath, NSW (map)

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