V Stars, Have you heard of the group called Transition Towns? No? Neither did I until a few years ago. They are bunch of Krazy Kids who are actually taking steps to make the world a whole lot cooler and sustainable. Whilst V Stars focuses being Meat Free food, Transition does all sorts of cool tool kits to help people grow their own veggies, fix bikes, create co-ops and so much more. They also run a weekly movie nights in Bondi with Speakers and delicious Plant based foods. Join us for a delicious, locally grown organic 3 course dinner and brilliant documentary about Climate Change, the debate and all viewpoints for us to all make up our minds once and for all. The evening begins at 530pm with volunteers opening the boxes of local organic fresh produce from www.ooooby.org and preparing Read more →
7:00pm Wednesday 7 October 2015
Chapel by the Sea, Bondi Beach, NSW (map)

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