Hi friends :-) So far already THIS YEAR we've held SIXTEEN free Earthlings events, making it possible for over 600 people to see this film, and we've inspired more than 170 PEOPLE to change their choices and sign up to our 30 Day Go Vegan Challenge! These events have saved THOUSANDS of animals! We need plenty of SVC members to donate a dessert on the night of our next event to show the guests how delicious vegan food can be! At this event we hope to inspire at least 15 people to sign up to our 30 day challenge! HOW YOU CAN HELP: Can you bake a cake, slice, cookies or cupcakes? This is a great chance to show off your cooking skills and help a great cause (new vegans!). We need at least five or so cakes made and brought to the venue on the night, and would love to have your help! Address: Read more →
6:45pm Thursday 1 October 2015
Sydney Mechanics School of Arts, Sydney, NSW (map)

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