Brunswick Street is undeniably the Vegetaian/Vegan capital of Melbourne and of Australia. However not many people realise that Chapel Steet is quietly making ground in rivaling Brunswick Street for the number one spot. On Chapel Street there are veg eateries like Lord of the Fries, Veg Out Time and Green Cup. Just metres off Chapel Street are other Veg Eateries such as Beangreen, the Falafal Man, Kooks Kitchen, Fritz Gelato, Falafel Factory and Simple Seed Eatery. Pana Chocolate is just further up in Richmond just where Chapel Street becomes Church Street. Additionaly Prahran Convenience and Lee's Vegetarian Asian Grocery are now stocking a huge array of Vegan products. Not only will you indulge in all the great Vegan food, and drinks, but many of these places mentioned will offer Read more →
11:00am Saturday 26 September 2015
Prahran Market, South Yarra, VIC (map)

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