Mingle with the compassionate singles at Mantra Lounge on Friday 18 September from 6pm-9pm. For only $15 you can have a main meal, salad, drink, delicious cake and chai in the upstairs informal eating area, and take part in some fun ice breaking games coordinated by members of the Vegan Singles Australia group. This event is open to any available vegan person of any identification and attraction. Places are limited so please book now Mantra Lounge is not a licensed venue, so no alcohol will be served and you cannot BYO. We encourage a safe space. All must feel welcome and behaviour that is speciesist, sexist, racist, abelist or anti-LGBTQIA will not be tolerated. We encourage vegan curious people to visit www.veganeasy.org to learn more about veganism, as this event is for vegans only. To Read more →
6:00pm Friday 18 September 2015
Mantra Lounge, Carlton, VIC (map)

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