Vegan events in Western Australia

There are 20 upcoming events in Western Australia. We try our best to only list events that are 100% vegan. Please contact us if you spot any mistakes.

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  • Verbivores Club Meeting

    12:15pm Saturday 20 July 2019
    Mechanics Institute, Guildford (map)
    Verbivores Club: Our Verbivores dream is to provide a strongly supportive environment for vegans/vegetarians and/or those on the path to becoming vegan; or sympathetic to non human animal causes, and the environment; to learn, develop and practice their speaking and leadership skills so that they too can become more effective communicators. Speeches relating to veganism, animal rights and welfare, the environment, social... Read more →
  • Whole Food Plant Based Vegan Community Dinner

    6:30pm Saturday 20 July 2019
    The Peace Tree, Subiaco (map)
    The Peace Tree: Music, Raffle, Trivia & More! (no animal based ingredients or products and no oil or salt). An informal and fun opportunity for us to come together and get to know each other as a community. (All welcome) Tickets are $2.50 to RSVP for the event, entry by donation This event is run entirely by volunteers. If you would like to... Read more →
  • Paint the Night - Australia Wide

    6:00pm Sunday 21 July 2019
    Australia wide, Everywhere
    Willamina Kaye: This event is Australia wide, and is being held in all CBDs! The public is encouraged to create separate events for easier management Industries that profit from animal abuse and exploitation have remained hidden in the shadows for far too long! With the release of recent documentaries such as LUCENT (2014) and DOMINION (2018), an empire built on secrecy will... Read more →
  • Vegan Charity Dinner Party

    7:00pm Friday 26 July 2019
    Earthwise community, Subiaco (map)
    Big Veg Events: We're happy to announce our classic Vegan Community Dinner event at Earthwise! We'll have music, 10+ mains, heaps of desserts and prizes to win! Book now to avoid missing out if you haven't come to one of these events before! The venue location is Earthwise community centre in Subiaco! Please Note: Book tickets through EventBrite which are $2.50 to RSVP... Read more →
  • Perth Vegan Meetup Dinner

    7:00pm Sunday 28 July 2019
    Mashawi, Perth (map)
    Perth Vegan Meetup: Perth Vegan Meetup is an inclusive group for Vegans and the Vegan-curious (who we will use our Vegan mind tricks on to turn Vegan!) Our goal is to build a network of friends who share the same interests - animals, the environment, health, good food and great company! So far, most of our meetup ideas are food-related including brunch, lunch,... Read more →
  • Vegan T-shirt Day

    Saturday 3 August 2019
    Vegan T-shirt Day: Michelle V Ellis is a dear friend and an amazing and dedicated animal rights activist. We met when our kids were babies and I've always been impressed with her tenacity to survive all thrown at her. Michelle has always selflessly spent her time rescuing animals and even just showing them love when found near death on the side of the... Read more →
  • Thermomix Plant to Plate Hands-On cooking class

    10:00am Saturday 3 August 2019
    Thermomix Head Office, Balcatta (map)
    Thermomix in Australia: Whether you already follow a vegan diet or are just looking to eat more plant-based foods, this class will inspire you to make natural, whole food dishes bursting with flavour. Make essentials like nut milks and cheeses from scratch using your Thermomix and get creative with unfamiliar ingredients like jackfruit and tofu. During this small, intimate class you will get... Read more →
  • Wholefood Pantry Staples

    12:30pm Saturday 3 August 2019
    Short Street Kitchen, Stoneville (map)
    Short Street Kitchen: "Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants" - Michael Pollan. There are so many reasons to create an amazing wholefood pantry, with benefits for our health, our wallet and the environment. Making our own food means we know exactly what is in it and we are using real ingredients that are nourishing to our bodies. Setting up a pantry with... Read more →
  • Eating for Energy: Real Food Workshop

    1:00pm Saturday 17 August 2019
    Body & Soul Women's Wellness, City Beach (map)
    The Raw Food Girl's 'Real Food' Workshops: How many of us wish we had the 'secret ingredient' that will give us the energy we need - all day long? What if I told you that there is no secret ingredient - that a life of boundless energy is already at your fingertips? It's certainly possible, by implementing a few simple diet and lifestyle practices. In this hands-on... Read more →
  • World Day for the End of Speciesism

    Saturday 24 August 2019
    World Day for the End of Speciesism: On this World Day, we explicitly denounce speciesism, that ideology which considers that the life and interests of animals can be despised simply because they are of another species. In previous years, dozens of marches and other events were organized by numerous associations in France, Switzerland, Quebec, Germany, New Zealand, Australia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, as well as in the USA and... Read more →

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