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There are 66 upcoming events in Victoria. We try our best to only list events that are 100% vegan. Please contact us if you spot any mistakes.

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  • World Farm Animals Day Vigil

    10:00am Wednesday 2 October 2019
    Wangaratta Abattoir, Wangaratta (map)
    Shepparton Animal Save: Each year, an estimated 70 billion cows, pigs, chickens, turkeys, and other sentient land-based animals are caged, crowded, deprived, drugged, mutilated and macerated in the world's factory farms. Then they are brutally slaughtered for our dinner table. Countless aquatic animals are caught and suffocated by vast trawler nets, so we can have our fish fillet or tuna fish salad. Since... Read more →
  • Comfort Food Night

    6:30pm Wednesday 2 October 2019
    The Cornish Arms Hotel, Brunswick (map)
    Happy Fun Vegans Melbourne: Bringing traditional pub grub and making it vegan! From vegan parmigiana to vegan Hawaiian pizza, the Cornish Arms has an awesome vegan menu in a Sydney Rd pub. With all the usual pub beverages - alcoholic and non-alcoholic, too! Read more →
  • Melbourne Vegan Tours 1st Birthday

    7:00pm Thursday 3 October 2019
    Tahina Fitzroy, Fitzroy (map)
    Melbourne Vegan Tours: Melbourne Vegan Tours is turning one! Help us celebrate our first year of vegan business with delicious Israeli street food, vegan wine + more! It's been a big year of vegan touring around Melbourne, showcasing the amazing vegan scene that our city has to offer. We've had visitors from around Victoria, Australia, the USA, Korea, the UK, New Zealand, Germany... Read more →
  • Vegan Night at Jardin Tan

    6:00pm Friday 4 October 2019
    Jardin Tan, South Yarra (map)
    Jardin Tan: Jardin Tan is proud to embrace Melbourne's growing love for vegan food with a Vietnamese inspired dinner. Menu: Turnip cakes, firecracker, Thai basil Hanoi rolls with taro, glass noodles, pickles, hoisin. Medley of in-season mushrooms, carrot & spring onion rolled in a large rice paper sheet and steamed Mung bean, turmeric, rice flour and coconut pancake, cooked crispy and filled... Read more →
  • Vegan T-shirt Day

    Saturday 5 October 2019
    Vegan T-shirt Day: The Raven Corps is a new tax-exempt nonprofit that supports and empowers activists aged 14 - 22, "Ravens", who are building a more compassionate and sustainable world through plant-based advocacy. Based out of Portland, Oregon, they also have youth-led Corps in San Diego and Adelaide, Australia. With plans to expand later this year and invite new young leaders in the... Read more →
  • Vegan Market of Melbourne

    9:00am Saturday 5 October 2019
    Abbotsford (map)
    Vegan Market of Melbourne: Finally Melbourne is rolling out the warmer months we have all been waiting for over the past 10 months (that's what it felt like anyway)! And we only have three more months until 2019 is over already, so let's all make it count. Spring and Summer are amazing seasons for fresh starts, changes, new ideas, new products and new friendships... Read more →
  • Glass Walls Vegan Outreach demo

    2:30pm Saturday 5 October 2019
    Melbourne (map)
    Animal Activist Collective: We will be in Melbourne showing the public the truth behind the animal agriculture industries. Making them aware of the power they have to make this world a kinder place by living vegan. We are welcoming both experienced and new vegans and/or activists to help us educate the public. We are set up in front of Lord of the Fries... Read more →
  • Japanese Vegan Cooking Class "traditional"

    11:00am Sunday 6 October 2019
    Saori Sauce, Melbourne (map)
    Saori Sauce: Learn how to cook 100% plant based delicious Japanese dishes & dessert. You don't have to be a vegan to enjoy these meals! They are all healthy and all incredibly tasty. All the dishes are traditional Japanese flavours. My cooking classes are totally a hands-on style using only all natural ingredients. Learn how to cook. Tofu dumplings in a Japanese... Read more →
  • Easy Peasy Japanesey

    11:00am Sunday 6 October 2019
    Hawthorn (map)
    Steph Schall Hub: Discover how simple and easy it is to make beautiful Japanese food at home! Learn the techniques of sushi making (traditional bamboo rolling plus a clever new way to present sushi rice and toppings), the art of gyoza and cooking crunchy tempura batter! You will learn to cook: Vegetarian sushi two ways- maki and nigiri (seaweed wrapped roll and rice... Read more →
  • Farewell Victoria: Vegan Cooking Class Party

    12:00pm Sunday 6 October 2019
    The Beet Retreat, Smiths Gully (map)
    The Beet Retreat: Farewell Victoria! Hello Noosa! Yes my friends, this is the final cooking class I will be holding here at The Beet Retreat in Smiths Gully as I am Noosa bound! This will be a mostly DEMONSTRATION style class for up to 25 attendees and will include a Pot Luck Farewell PARTY! We will be making a handful of my favourite... Read more →

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