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There are 24 upcoming events in South Australia. We try our best to only list events that are 100% vegan. Please contact us if you spot any mistakes.

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  • Edgar's Mission Virtual Tour of Goat Mountain

    2:00pm Saturday 26 September 2020
    Edgar's Mission: Join us for a virtual tour of Goat Mountain! Meet the amazing rescued goats who call Edgar's Mission home, hear their stories of resilience and healing, gain an insight into our special mission of kindness and have the opportunity to ask questions. Virtually 'walk' with us along our paths and paddocks and you'll understand why we say this is a... Read more →
  • Zoom group Japanese cooking class

    10:30am Sunday 27 September 2020
    Saori Sauce: Do you want to learn healthy Japanese cooking from home? This class is -kids friendly: a fantastic school holiday activity -vegetarian/vegan friendly: I won't use any meat or seafood but you can simply add it to your dish if you wish -available anywhere in Australia. Learn how to make Udon noodles from scratch Yaki udon Imo mochi (Japanese potato cakes... Read more →
  • Lunch with VegSA

    12:30pm Sunday 27 September 2020
    The Village Groove Cafe, Aldinga (map)
    Vegetarian and Vegan Society (VegSA) Inc: Lunch. Dogs Welcome Food Host Vegan cafe located at the entrance of the Aldinga Eco Village. Go With Friends. Read more →
  • Creativity and Self Care through Challenging Times

    7:00pm Thursday 1 October 2020
    Sydney Vegan Market: This webinar offers a brief introduction into how accessing our creativity can assist us to foster self care and look after our mental health during these challenging times. We will be exploring art therapy techniques and ideas that support us to feel grounded and find meaning in our own personal experiences of this time. Sophie Nyssen is a therapist and... Read more →
  • World Day for Farmed Animals Fast Against Slaughter

    Friday 2 October 2020
    World Day for Farmed Animals: We refuse to be silent. Together, tens of thousands will rise on 2 October to speak the truth about farmed animals. We will join together in a one-day Fast Against Slaughter in solidarity with the innocent victims of the animal agriculture industry. Through our voluntary sacrifice of food on this day, we will amplify the voices of the billions of... Read more →
  • There's the pizza, then there's the ice cream, savoury snacks and the chocolates

    6:30pm Friday 2 October 2020
    V Spot Pizza Bar, Adelaide (map)
    Adelaide Vegans: Come try a delicious pizza at V Spot (or come again) hang out with fellow vegans for a sumptuous feast. See V Spot menu To RSVP go to the EVENT tab. For any queries, contact Helen via or 0424 796 374 (text only during business hours). Read more →
  • Halloween 2020 Vegan T-Shirt Day

    Saturday 3 October 2020
    The whole world
    Vegan T-shirt Day: Vegan T-shirt Day is the first Saturday of every month, like the main page in order to receive notifications on our monthly events. It's a great place to share our shirts with message, raising awareness and showing the world what needs to change-animal rights. Wear any vegan/animal rights message shirt to raise awareness for the animals! Or wear a... Read more →
  • Cube of Truth outreach

    12:00pm Saturday 3 October 2020
    Gawler Place North Canopy, Adelaide (map)
    Anonymous for the Voiceless: The Cube of Truth is a peaceful static demonstration akin to an art performance. This demonstration operates in a structured manner that triggers curiosity and interest from the public; we attempt to lead bystanders to a vegan conclusion through a combination of local standard-practice animal exploitation footage and conversations with a value-based sales approach. Masks, signs, screens, and outreach literature... Read more →
  • Wanna go vegan? Our free panel answers your questions

    7:00pm Wednesday 7 October 2020
    Sydney Vegan Market: Wanna go vegan? Our panel will answer your questions Learn about being vegan from a long-term vegan, a dietitian, and a success coach FREE TO ATTEND Michael McNally has been vegan for more than a decade and has been instrumental in vegan street activism in Sydney, answering every question that a vegan can be asked a dozen times over. He... Read more →
  • Lunch with VegSA

    12:30pm Saturday 10 October 2020
    Great Nature Vegetarian Snacks and Grocery, Christies Beach (map)
    Vegetarian and Vegan Society (VegSA) Inc: Enjoy a delicious healthy lunch with like minded people Food Hosted by Vegetarian and Vegan Society (VegSA) Inc Read more →

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