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There are 36 upcoming events in NSW. We try our best to only list events that are 100% vegan. Please contact us if you spot any mistakes.

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  • Vegan T-shirt Day

    Saturday 6 June 2020
    Vegan T-shirt Day: Vegan T-shirt Day is the first Saturday of every month, like the main page in order to receive notifications on our monthly events. It's a great place to share our shirts with message, raising awareness and showing the world what needs to change-animal rights. Wear any vegan/animal rights message shirt to raise awareness for the animals! Or wear a... Read more →
  • The Psychology of Oppression: Webinar with Melanie Joy

    1:00am Sunday 7 June 2020
    Beyond Carnism: Understanding the Psychology of Oppression to Empower the Vegan Movement. Learn new skills and tools to take your vegan advocacy to the next level! In this webinar, psychologist Melanie Joy explains the psychology that causes us to believe that certain individuals and groups are more worthy of being treated with respect than others. She explains the mentality that underlies oppression... Read more →
  • Mindful Movement VTV

    9:00am Sunday 7 June 2020
    Sydney Vegan Market: Mindful Movement is your Sunday morning mindfulness practice from 9am. Join in for morning meditation, yoga or pilates and start your day with a gentle step and a calm breathe before coming back to join us for VTV: Vibestream! Read more →
  • Fun Vegan Lunch in Blue Mountains

    11:15am Sunday 7 June 2020
    Katoomba (map)
    Bliss Pure Foods: Vegan Home Dining & Classes: Homemade medicinal vegan lunch prepared with spring water, natural mountain herbs and fresh organic vegetables. Menu is planned according to what is in season and available in market. All foods are prepared using the five basic food preparation methods in Shojin ryori as well as healing color codes for longevity. Free from bad oils, preservatives and MSG. Dinner comes with... Read more →
  • VTV Vibestream

    12:00pm Sunday 7 June 2020
    Sydney Vegan Market: In collaboration with Sydney Vegan Market and Newcastle Vegan Market, VTV brings you an interactive, fun and informative episode every Sunday from 12-2pm! Come and enjoy the market vibes we are all missing, connect with community, learn some stuff and be entertained :) Can't wait to see you on VTV! Read more →
  • Nardx Australia & East Asia

    12:00pm Sunday 7 June 2020
    The National Animal Rights Day: Sunday June 7, 2020, will mark the 10th National Animal Rights Day - NARD X - in the US and in 17 other countries around the world! The one hour event will be hosted on Zoom, featuring a memorial ceremony in Perth, Western Australia, and content from animal rights activists from across Australia and Japan. Including - Meat the Victims... Read more →
  • Vegan Chalk Activism

    1:00pm Sunday 7 June 2020
    The Archival Memorial Fountain, Sydney (map)
    Animal Rights Activism Sydney: Join Animal Rights Activism Sydney in painting Hyde Park vegan this weekend! Chalk activism is a fantastic and accessible way to make a mark for animals whether you're a seasoned activist or wanting to try activism for your very first time. Chalk up a storm, talk to people about veganism or just simply sit, relax and connect with other Sydney... Read more →
  • Global NARDX Event Australia access

    Sunday 7 June to Monday 8 June 2020
    The National Animal Rights Day: Free tickets for the event are now available! Get your tickets now at the "Find Tickets" link above! Sunday June 7, 2020, will mark the 10th National Animal Rights Day - NARD X - in the US and in 17 other countries around the world! Due to the current situation, we will not have our usual public events this year,... Read more →
  • Certificate in Wholefood & Plant-Based Nutrition 6 week course

    Wednesday 10 June 2020
    Nature Care College: Wholefood and plant-based living is rapidly growing around the globe. People are keen to discover the benefits not only for a healthy lifestyle but also for the environment. Knowledge is empowerment and since 1973, Nature Care College has been encouraging people to learn as much as they can about living a wholesome life to nourish, balance and increase energy for... Read more →
  • Animal Liberation Public Meeting

    6:30pm Thursday 11 June 2020
    The Mitchell Theatre, Sydney (map)
    Animal Liberation: Our public meetings are a great place to get inspired, meet like-minded people and find out different ways you can help the animals. Each meeting invites a range of guest speakers, from doctors, to scientists, to authors, to animal activists. This is a great opportunity to learn about different aspects of the animal rights movement and veganism. These meetings are... Read more →

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