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Do you need advice from a vegan perspective? Our "Ask me anything VEGAN" advice column is here to help you with any questions you might have about being vegan, going vegan, eating plant based, coping with friends and family or any other vegan dilemmas or difficulties you might have.

Hosted by vegan lifestyle and health coach Georgia Bamber, this is a safe place for all your vegan queries and quandaries. Please send your questions to Georgia at (subject line: Vegan advice) and they will be answered here.

Vegan advice: Staying the path

Q: How can I stick to my vegan diet when I am around friends and family all eating the foods I used to love? I really want to be able to stick to my vegan values, but am struggling not to give in to the temptation. Help please. - Tempted Dear... Read more →

Vegan advice: Keeping positive

Q: I am finding it really difficult to stay up-beat as a vegan when I see so much needless animal suffering going on in the world and so few people caring anything about it. How can you be awake to what is going on and stay positive about life? - Sensitive... Read more →

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