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Do you need advice from a vegan perspective? Our "Ask me anything VEGAN" advice column is here to help you with any questions you might have about being vegan, going vegan, eating plant based, coping with friends and family or any other vegan dilemmas or difficulties you might have.

Hosted by vegan lifestyle and health coach Georgia Bamber, this is a safe place for all your vegan queries and quandaries. Please send your questions to Georgia at (subject line: Vegan advice) and they will be answered here.

Vegan advice: Can I keep using non-vegan products I already have?

Q: Hello, I am recently vegan and still have a load of VPA whey protein isolate left over and was wondering how bad would it be to still have that? If the only non vegan part of my diet was the WPI. Thank you. - Whey'd down Dear Whey'd down, This... Read more →

Vegan advice: Where to find calcium

Q: I've been recently transitioning to a vegan diet. I think I've got the low-down on B12, but I'm struggling to understand what to do about calcium. I know how important it is, so I would like some advice. I'm an Australian living in Africa and I can't buy any fortified... Read more →

Vegan advice: How to harness the willpower

Q: I am very much interested in the vegan lifestyle and know it is the right thing for me to do, but I am finding it really hard to find the willpower to stick to my new way of eating, especially when I am out with friends or visiting my family.... Read more →

Vegan advice: Having a successful "vegan conversation"

Q: I wanted to ask if you had any tips about having a successful "vegan conversation". People seem to get so worked up when they hear I am vegan and I am finding it tricky to deal with. - Trying to Communicate Dear Trying to Communicate, Thanks for the question. Having... Read more →

Vegan advice: Increasing my vegan food options

Q: I would love to be able to find way more foods in the supermarkets that are vegan and gluten free. The limited lines does make it difficult at times. Having to travel anything up to 100km each way to a vegan supermarket can be deflating. - Searching Dear Searching, Thanks... Read more →

Vegan advice: Finding foods I like

Q: I'm currently transitioning to veganism but I'm finding it difficult to find foods I like. I don't want to waste food if I don't like it and I'm a very picky eater, so I struggle with the idea of trying new foods. Do you have any tips with trying new... Read more →

Vegan advice: Struggling to change

Q:  I want to go vegan, I believe in the ideals that it represents, but still I am finding it so hard. Do you have any tips on getting started? - Struggling Dear Struggling, First off I want you to give yourself full credit for even thinking about starting out on... Read more →

Vegan advice: Why so negative?

Q: I am often very surprised at the reactions I get from people when they hear I am vegan. I would have thought living a compassionate lifestyle was a great thing - so why do people get so upset about it? I am struggling to understand and I am not sure... Read more →

Vegan advice: Eating solo

Q: I live alone and need advice on what to buy and how much, like 5 tomatoes, 6 carrots, 15 bits of fruit, for a week. I live in town so I can go to veg/fruit shop and buy enough for my self with out chucking any thing out. I can... Read more →

Vegan advice: Getting active

Q: I've been vegan for 3 years now and I love it so much! For the last year I've been really interested in becoming a more active vegan. I would love to be part of some activism but I live in a small country town. I'm only a few hours from... Read more →

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  • martin naylor
    commented 2019-05-01 15:58:46 +1000
    I live alone and need advice on what to buy& how much like 5 tomatoes 6 carrots 15 bits of fruits for a week, i live in town so i can go too veg/fruit shop and buy enough for my self with out chucking any thing out, i can go and get more if I run out but a basic plan would be good
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