Submission calls for an end to exhibiting animals

Media release:

Vegan Australia has made a submission to the public consultation into the proposed welfare standards for "exhibited animals" (animals kept in zoos, aquariums, etc).

Most of the other submissions will probably be from the zoo industry, perhaps attempting to make the standards weaker, or from animal welfare organisations trying to make the standards stronger. In contrast, Vegan Australia's submission takes the view that animals should not be kept in captivity for exhibition and the standards should work towards ending that practice as quickly as possible, with the interests of the animals held above all other interests.

The submission is a call to reframe the standards so they become a plan to end the practice of exhibiting animals, by:

  • stopping wild capture and trading of animals and stopping captive breeding
  • rehabilitating and releasing animals into the wild when in the best interest of each animal
  • caring for the remaining animals for the rest of their lives

Read the full text of the Vegan Australia submission, submitted on 6 June, 2014. To read the proposed standards go to the Proposed Australian standards and guidelines for exhibited animals - public consultation. The main document used to prepare the submission was the "Australian Animal Welfare Standards and Guidelines for Exhibited Animals - General" found on the above link.

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