Research projects

Vegan Australia carries out research in a number of areas, including the most effective ways to promote veganism, how to counter the marketing techniques of the animal industries and the impacts of a vegan agricultural system. Some of these projects are listed below.

Business case for vegan options in non-vegan restaurants

There is a growing trend for consumers to opt for healthy and cruelty-free fare. Vegan Australia's Vegan dining campaign assists restaurants to tap into this expanding market. By providing a... Read more →

Research begins into a vegan agricultural system

Vegan Australia has begun research into a vegan agricultural system for Australia. The research will look at how the economy, employment, land use, food security, environment and other areas would... Read more →

Vegan product labelling

Vegan Australia often receives enquiries from Australian businesses who want their products to be "certified" or "approved" as vegan. At the moment we do not operate a vegan certification scheme... Read more →

A systems advocacy approach to promoting veganism

A discussion on systems advocacy and how it applies to vegan advocacy.  This was a talk given by Greg McFarlane, Director of Vegan Australia, to the Animal Activists Forum in... Read more →

The lifecycle of a vegan

Why are some people vegan?  More importantly, why are some people not? This is a talk given by Greg McFarlane at the Living Green Festival in Canberra on 14 October... Read more →

The link between meat production and human rights

By Aloysia Brook Preface This paper provides a somewhat alternative voice as to the causes of climate change and environmental destruction from a human rights perspective. Throughout this paper, I... Read more →

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