This event is the brainchild of Shane Ervine, James Aspey and Joey Carbstrong. The largest congregation of Vegan Activists ever to take place in Australia! We are aiming for minimum 5000 activists to be in one city at the same time! WHERE: Melbourne, Australia DATES: 10th-12th November, 2017. Please feel free to invite other Vegan Activists to this event. You have a solid 12 months to save some money and organise travel / accommodation in Melbourne for 3 days in early November, 2017. We will all connect with each other and action some activism together, such as street education, food education events and other activism. This event is open to Vegans worldwide who are interested in activism! To cap it all off we can all attend the World Vegan Day Festival on Sunday 12th November 2017. Read more →
Friday 10 November to Sunday 12 November 2017
Melbourne VIC (map)

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