A few of you have been interested in workshops and learn quick easy things to make your transition easier. I totally know how it feels. It's like learning a new language, veganism is not just about eating vegetables and fruits. It's possibilities are unlimited, that's why I feel in love with this way of cooking, you save money, it's easier and compassionate. How can somebody resist that? ;-) Well, we just need to make things taste good, right! I hope you like the idea to do a class online. It's convenient affordable and you are comfortable at home. We also get to hang out. I'm thinking to run this meet up on Mondays, we can enjoy a proper meal or a stunning dessert (guilt free in moderation :-D) Of course, all is up to you. You are the heart and soul of this group. A more convenient time Read more →
7:00pm Monday 4 September 2017

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