Sydney will host a world day for the End of Speciesism in a joint effort with France, Ireland, Turkey, Canada, Germany, Poland, New Zealand, Ecuador, Argentina and our friends in Melbourne on saturday August 27, 2016. Please join us for the GIANT DIE-IN protest at the opera house Sydney. The goal of the World Day for the End of Speciesism is to denounce the unjust ideology that makes the barbarity of animals murder possible. It is high time for our societies to do away with fishing and farming animals for food and to turn to a non-violent and plant-based dietary culture. Many countries are already making concerted efforts to stamp out sexism and racism and the same must be done in the case of speciesism. At this time of ecological crisis it is all the more important to recognise publicly Read more →
3:00pm Saturday 26 August 2017
Sydney Opera House, Sydney NSW (map)

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