Let's hire a campervan and do the Darwin to Alice Springs road route across the Central Australian desert and Ayers Rock! :-) 5/6/7-day trip. One-way flights required MEL -> DRW, ASP ->MEL. Shared cooking. (It's cheaper to go Darwin to Alice than Alice to Darwin, apparently!) RSVP and comment below if interested. We'll have to make a decision about 3 months out (mid-March-ish) to get the best prices for van and flights. I'll be asking for payment around April/May when we've worked out what we're doing. Shouldn't be too expensive as we won't be eating out much and it's just van + fuel + the occasional tourist stop to take photos. Read more →
Saturday 24 June to Sunday 2 July 2017
Southern Cross Bus Terminal, Melbourne VIC (map)

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