Let's hire a campervan and do the Uluru to Darwin via Alice Springs road route across the Central Australian desert! :-) 7-day trip. Shared cooking. Loose itinerary: - Uluru / Ayers Rock (1/2 day, 1 night, 1/2 day) - Uluru to Alice (6 h) - Alice Springs (1 night, 1 day, 1 night) - Alice to Lake Woods CC (11h) - Lake Woods CC (1 night, 1/2 day) - Lake Woods CC to Katherine (8h) - Katharine (1 night, 1/2 day) - Katharine to Kakadu (4h) - Kakadu (1 night, 2 days, 2 nights) - Kakadu to Darwin (4h) Where possible, we'll try to stay ahead of the schedule to allow us to spend more time in Kakadu and closer to Darwin. We're not allowed to drive at night so some days will start early. We won't always stay overnight in major towns if it means wasting time. Some key things that I think we should do Read more →
Wednesday 21 June to Thursday 29 June 2017
Melbourne Airport VIC (map)

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