11.00 am start of the public speaking part (have your own say) until 12.30pm which is the sacred circle of animal respect (scar) and revving up and then march through the streets from 1.00pm until 2.00pm and then make own way to Queens Park (in George Street) for more activities from 2.00pm until 4.00pm. See you there! Building on the success of the March To Close All Slaughterhouses 2016 - Brisbane, held on June 11th in Brisbane and March To Close All Slaughterhouses 2017 - Brisbane, held on March 11th hosted by the Save A Cow Foundation, this March To Close All Slaughterhouses - 2017 - Brisbane is aimed at helping to prevent the unnecessary immense suffering of 'farmed animals', and stop the ongoing Animal Holocaust of our fellow earthlings at the hands of humans and is in alliance with Read more →
Saturday 10 June 2017
King George Square, Brisbane QLD (map)

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