Carnage - world's first vegan comedy

Carnage is an inspiring and uplifting film which allows us to imagine a future vegan world, where humans no longer use animals for food, clothing or any other purpose. While the film is a comedy, with a wry and understated sense of humour, it has a very powerful message. It is well worth watching.

Carnage is a BBC production that can be viewed here, but only if you live in the UK:

Several people have uploaded Carnage to YouTube, but after a time these may be removed due to copyright issues. Here are a couple of links that were working at time of publication:

Another way to view Carnage is to add an extension to your Chrome web browser which allows you to watch BBC iPlayer from anywhere. The extension is: Beebs - Access BBC iPlayer. After you have installed the extension, use the BBC link above to view the film.

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