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Vegan Australia is looking for people to write articles on veganism and animal rights for our website. We are open to suggestions for topics. The articles should be relevant to a nationwide audience. Some possibilities include:

  • vegan news from around Australia
  • vegan festivals
  • animal rights
  • animals and the environment
  • vegan nutrition
  • farmed animal sanctuaries
  • what's in the mainstream news about veganism and animal rights
  • responses to current media items and events
  • write a vegan angle for upcoming "days", such as World Environment Day
  • memes for publication in social media
  • vegan celebrities in Australia
  • inspirational articles and quotes
  • vegan news from around the world
  • book and film reviews
  • vegan travel
  • new vegan businesses
  • submissions to government inquiries
  • research into a 100% vegan agricultural system in Australia
  • research into campaigns
  • reports of vegan education and advocacy by other groups, eg pay-per-view

If you would like to write about these or any other topic, please get in touch via our Volunteers page.

Style guide

In general we want our readers to trust the content of the Vegan Australia website and so we write in an authoritative style.

Most of the articles on the website are written for a general audience who have some interest in veganism. These articles are written in a clear, helpful and motivating style.

News items are written in a reporting style, sometimes giving Vegan Australia's position on news and current events.

Other articles such as submissions to inquiries and research papers are written more formally.

When referring to the organisation itself, we may use the third person singular, such as "Vegan Australia says no to Bacon Week" or we may use the first person plural "we". We do not use the first person singular "I".

Do not capitalise the words "vegan" and "veganism" except at the start of sentences and headings and in proper names, such as "Vegan Australia".

Section headings should be in sentence case, ie: only capitalise initial word and proper nouns.


Be aware of the impact of certain words and how people may react strongly to them and thus not focus on the point you are trying to make. It is not a straightforward matter as this article and comments shows.

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    This is a great idea. Thank you for setting this up